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The Professional Education Program Review unit in the Office of the Professions has the responsibility for registering nursing education programs within New York State. The registration of a program means that it has met the Department's standards for accreditation as provided in the Rules of the Board of Regents and the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. Programs are arranged by region within the listings.

Don't let friends, colleagues or yourself lose money, time or energy by applying to a fraudulent nursing school. Before a tuition payment is processed, make certain that the program being applying to is recognized by the State Education Department. Lists of approved LPN and RN programs can be found below. Avoid a costly mistake and make sure your educational institution is an approved program of nursing study before you enroll.

If you seek to meet the education requirement for an RN or LPN license with a program you completed outside the United States, your educational credentials must be verified by an independent credentials verification organization. See "Verifying Education Credentials From Non-U.S. Programs" for further instructions.