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Use and Supervision of a Testing Technician for Psychology

Education Law §7605 has been amended by adding a new paragraph (11), which allows testing technicians, who meet certain specified requirements, to administer and score standardized objective (non-projective) psychological or neuropsychological tests which have specific predetermined and manualized administrative procedures which entail observing and describing test behavior and test responses, and which do not require evaluation, interpretation or other judgments. Such testing technicians may provide services in those settings that may legally engage in the practice of psychology and they must be supervised by a licensed psychologist, who must attest to such supervision, as well as to the education and training of the testing technicians, as prescribed in statute. The supervising licensed psychologist must notify the patient or designated health care surrogate that he or she may utilize the services of a testing technician to administer certain exams, and must provide the patient or designated health care surrogate the opportunity to object to his or her plan to utilize a testing technician. The use of a testing technician by a licensed psychologist is also subject to the full disciplinary and regulatory authority of the Board of Regents and the Department pursuant to Title VIII of the Education Law.

All licensed psychologists who use a testing technician must complete the form entitled "Licensed Psychologist Attestation of Supervision of a Testing Technician" and submit it to the Department before providing the activities or services of the testing technician.