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This information is meant to assist with the application process for licensure as a psychologist.  The applicant is still responsible for reading, reviewing and understanding the law, rules and regulations for licensure as a psychologist in New York State.

Typical path for a psychologist to become licensed in New York State.

  • Submit application for licensure – Form 1 and fee to start the process. This can be submitted at any time but it is not acted upon until all supporting documents are received.
  • Have Form 2 and transcripts submitted by your university. A tentative Form 2 and transcript may be submitted once all doctoral degree requirements have been met to obtain the limited permit, but once the doctoral degree has been confirmed, a final Form 2 and transcript are also required for licensure.
  • If you did not graduate from a New York State registered degree program, you must also complete coursework or training in the identification and reporting of child abuse and submit an authorized Certification of Completion.
  • Submit Form 5A if you need a limited permit to gain hours for licensure. Please note that Form 1, 2, and both a licensure and permit fees are required before a limited permit is issued. Submitting only Form 5A and permit fee will delay your application.
  • To be eligible for the examination, Form 4 (verification of 1,750 hours of experience) must be directly submitted by the supervisor and approved by the Department. This usually comes from pre-doctoral (internship) experience but can come from post-doctoral experience.
  • Take the EPPP examination prior to completing post-doctoral experience. New York State will only require EPPP (Part 1 – Knowledge) as a basis for licensure. EPPP (Part 2-Skills) has not been adopted in New York State.
  • Another Form 4 attesting to post-doctoral hours must be directly submitted by the supervisor.
  • If a limited permit needs to be reissued to gain additional hours please have Form 4 submitted by the supervisor attesting to experience gained during initial permit, as well as Form 5A (including $70 fee). The limited permit will only be reissued to those that still need to gain experience towards licensure.
  • A license will be issued once your application, which includes but is not limited to education, experience, and examination, is approved.

Application forms for licensure.

  1. Form 1 (Application for Licensure and First Registration) – submit Form 1 and licensure fee.  This fee will include your initial licensure and first three years of registration.
  2. Form 2 (Certification of Professional Education) – complete section I of Form 2 once you have completed all degree requirements for graduation, including dissertation.  Section II must be completed by the Registrar of the University, who must attest that all degree requirements have been met and the details of the internship in part B, and must be sent directly to SED from the school with an official transcript.  A tentative Form 2 and transcript must be submitted to obtain the limited permit. If your degree has not been conferred, a final Form 2 will be required before you can be made eligible to take the licensing examination. 
  3. Form 3 (Certification of Out-of-State Licensure and Exam Grades) – is required if you are licensed in another state or jurisdiction.
  4. Form 4 (Report of Professional Experience) – is used to attest to your experience.  You are required to submit a form for both pre-doctoral and post-doctoral experience.  All experience forms MUST be sent directly from the supervisor.
  5. Form 5A (Application for Limited Permit for Persons Gaining Experience for Licensure) – MUST be submitted and approved before you can start gaining post-doctoral hours.  There are exemptions in law that will not require a limited permit but it is the responsibility of the applicant to know if the site they are working at is considered exempt.  Please review the section for exempt person in law as well as the questions and answers section for limited permits.
  6. Form 5B (Application for Limited Permit) – used by those that are licensed in another state but still need to sit for the national examination (EPPP).

** Hours gained without a limited permit and/or not in an exempt setting may be considered illegal practice and will not count towards licensure. Also, a limited permit is only issued to those that need to gain the required experience for licensure. Therefore, if one completes all experience, we will void the limited permit and/or a renewal will not be issued.