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Form 5 - Notification of Intent to Practice Land Surveying under Section 7208(b) of Education Law

(for Endorsement Candidates only) (12 KB)
Use this form only if you wish to engage in interim practice while your application for licensure is being reviewed and you:
  • are not a resident of New York State;
  • have no established place of practice in this State, or
  • are a resident of this State, but have arrived only within the past six months

You must have filed an application for licensure as a land surveyor in New York and must be legally qualified to practice in the jurisdiction in which you currently reside or have a place of practice, or in your previous residence or place of practice (a Verification of Out-Of-State Licensure, Registration and/or Examination form must be submitted to verify this license/current registration). Interim practice will only be approved for a limited time to allow the Department time to review your application for licensure. If you are approved to practice for an interim period, you will not be allowed to claim or in any way state that you are providing services as a land surveyor licensed in New York State.