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Documentation of professional education should be sent by your educational institution to either the State Education Department or to NCARB for review, pursuant to the directions provided below.  Transcripts and the appropriate forms must be submitted directly by the educational institutions you attended.  This form will not be accepted if submitted by the applicant.

If you were educated outside of the U.S. and if you want your education to be considered towards licensure, you must have Form 2 submitted by your foreign educational institution to the State Education Department.  Additionally, you must submit a copy of your diploma/degree in the original language in the Additional Information section under Additional Documentation when completing the online Form 1. This is the minimum documentation required for your education evaluation. Additional documents such as detailed program information and course syllabi may be required for some applicants.

If you are attending an NAAB-accredited program and want to take the ARE while enrolled at your educational institution, please have Form 2 submitted directly by your educational institution with a partial transcript attached to Form 2.

If you are applying for licensure via the endorsement or practical examination pathway, Form 2 is not required, nor is an education evaluation needed.

The Form 2 should be completed as follows:

  • Section I: Complete this section of the form before sending it to your educational institution.
  • Section II: The Registrar or appropriate educational institution official must complete this section and return the form directly to the Office of the Professions at the address at the end of the form together with an official transcript. If required to complete Form 2, transcripts are required from each educational institution attended.

Submission to NCARB If you were educated within the U.S. and if you want your education to be considered towards licensure, you must have your official transcript sent to NCARB.  Please see NCARB’s website at for details.

Electronic Transcript Service The Office of the Professions (OP) will accept official electronic transcripts from educational institutions (i.e. colleges/universities) or designated third-party* transcript entities located in the United States provided that:

  • The transcript is the certified true and official academic record and the document does NOT have an expiration date**.
  • OP can independently verify that the transcript is received directly from the educational institution’s registrar or officially designated third-party.
  • If a third-party transcript provider is involved, it is clear that the educational institution has designated the third party as the official sole provider of its transcripts.
  • The applicant had no opportunity to directly access or alter the transcript before it is sent or transmitted.
  • Any educational institution transcript submissions should be made electronically to***.

*OP will only accept third-party submissions after we have determined that the arrangement between the educational institution and the third party is consistent with our security and verification standards.

**Transcript documents with expiration dates cannot be accepted. Expirations on links to the document are acceptable.

***Do NOT use this email to submit a question, as we will be unable to provide a response. Submit a Contact Us Form for questions regarding specific applications or to check the status of a licensure application