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Program Registration and Nursing Accreditation

Register or Change a Program

This page contains links to the forms needed to register a new program or to change an existing program. Please note, these applications are for New York institutions seeking to register a new program or making changes to existing programs in licensed professions or related fields. If you are unsure if your program will fall under this office, please see the list of professions found here: If you are unsure if your program change should be reviewed by this office please go to the Inventory of Registered Programs and look up your program to see if it was reviewed by OCUE or OP.

  • Please use the links below to access the application materials by type of program proposal.
  • Please follow the instructions for submitting proposals as described in the application materials. Please be sure to submit program proposals through both e-mail and hard copy.
  • SUNY and CUNY institutions please contact System Administration for program registration guidance.
  • Institutions proposing a professional doctoral degree program should contact the PEPR unit at for the application process.
  • Under certain circumstances proposed programs may require amendment of the institution's master plan and/or charter or certificate of incorporation, in addition to program registration.
Types of Professional Academic Proposals Application Materials
Propose a New Program in a Profession or Related Field


  1. New Professional Program Application
  2. Content Chart

Supplements as Needed:

Propose a New Certificate or Advanced Certificate Program from Currently Existing Programs


  1. Certificate/Advanced Certification Application


Change an Existing Registered Program


  1. Professional Program Change Application


Content Charts

Please contact our office to determine if the proposed program requires a content chart supplement for your application.

Distance Education Supplement

If the program will be offered in the distance learning format where more than 50% of the required courses will be available entirely online, please fill out the below form.

Master Plan Amendment

When an institution seeks to expand its academic mission (e.g., by offering a degree at a new level of study or in a new disciplinary area), it must submit a master plan amendment application for review and approval by the Board of Regents.

External Review Report and Response

If the proposal falls into any of the following categories, submit a copy of an evaluation of the program by a recognized expert in the field who has been approved in advance by the State Education Department. In addition, submit the institution's response to the evaluation and highlight how the proposal was modified in response to the reviewer's comments.

  1. The propose is a graduate degree program below the doctoral level.
  2. The proposal is an undergraduate degree program in engineering or engineering technology.
  3. The proposal is an undergraduate degree program and the program's subject matter represents a new or emerging field.
  4. The proposal is an undergraduate degree program in an allied health area, unless the institution can demonstrate that the program is accredited by an accrediting body for college-level programs in the field.

Opening a College

For information regarding opening a college in New York State please visit: