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18. How can I become a school social worker in New York?

An individual practicing licensed master social work in a public school or pre-school must be certified by the Office of Teaching (OT) in the Department. OT will issue a provisional school social worker certificate to an individual who has an acceptable MSW degree. The provisional certificate is valid for five years by which time the certificate holder must be licensed as an LMSW or LCSW to receive the permanent school social worker certificate. You can access more information about the school social worker certificate on-line at: and can file an on-line application for the school certificate.

An individual holding a permanent school social work certificate must maintain the LMSW or LCSW registration in order to practice school social work. An individual with a provisional or permanent school social work credential may only practice licensed master social work outside the school if licensed and registered as an LMSW or practice licensed clinical social work outside the school if licensed and registered as an LCSW.