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In 2010, New York State provided NASBA the cross walk of subject areas, based on NASBA’s CPE tracking system that has more fields of study than NY. This provides a roll up of those courses in the subject areas provided.

NY Subject Area NASBA Subject Area
Accounting Accounting
Accounting Accounting – Governmental
Accounting Fraud
Accounting Internal Controls
Accounting Risk Assessment


Auditing Auditing
Auditing Auditing – Governmental
Auditing Data Analytics


Advisory Services Administrative Practice
Advisory Services Behavioral Ethics
Advisory Services Business Law
Advisory Services Business Management & Organization
Advisory Services Communications
Advisory Services Computer Science
Advisory Services Computer Software
Advisory Services Economics
Advisory Services Ethics – if not completed through a NYS-approved sponsor
Advisory Services Finance
Advisory Services Information Technology
Advisory Services Management Advisory Services
Advisory Services *if accepted Marketing. Reviewed on a case by case basis. Promotional marketing is NOT ACCEPTED.
Advisory Services Personal Development
Advisory Services Production
Advisory Services Social Environment of Business
Advisory Services Statistics


Regulatory Ethics Regulatory Ethics. Must be completed through a NYS-approved sponsor


Specialized Knowledge Personnel HR
Specialized Knowledge Special Knowledge and Applications


Tax Tax (any field)


Promotional Marketing