Report on exemptions from licensure

Chapter 57 of the Laws of 2013 extended until July 1, 2016 the exemption from licensure as a social worker, psychologist or mental health practitioner those individuals employed in programs that are operated, regulated, approved or funded by certain state or local government agencies. The law also required the State Education Department, in consultation with the affected agencies, professional associations, providers and consumers, to issue a report to the Governor and Legislature regarding the implementation of the law. The report and alternative recommendations from the commissioners of those exempt agencies was transmitted to the Governor, Speaker of the Assembly, Senate President pro tem and chairs of the Senate and Assembly Higher Education Committees on February 3, 2015. You can access the 2015 report and additional information about the licensing laws and exemptions on our website at:

2015 Report on Exemptions from Licensure

2012 Report on exemptions from licensure

Chapters 130 and 132 of the Laws of 2010 required each exempt agency to submit to the State Education Department a report on the utilization of personnel subject to the provisions of the licensing laws. The Commissioner of Education submitted a report to the Legislature and Executive on July 1, 2012 recommending any amendments to law, rule or regulation necessary to fully implement the requirements for licensure by July 1, 2013. You can access the 2012 report on our website at:

2012 Report on Exemptions from Licensure

You can access the reports that were submitted by the exempt agencies in compliance with the 2010 laws on our website at:

Last Updated: February 23, 2015