Practice Guidelines


While not defined in New York State law, the term multiskilling implies cross-training and practice in more than one licensed profession. In a multiskilling situation, the additional functions added to the professional's own scope of practice could be clinical in nature and may be of a higher, lower or parallel level. While this practice may be legal in some states, it is unlawful in New York. In New York State you must always practice within your profession's scope of practice, which is defined in Education Law. However, individuals licensed in New York in more than one profession may practice all those professions in which they are licensed.

Multiskilling is not the same as collaboration. Collaboration, also not defined in NY law, implies patient/client/student care activities by professionals in different professions working cooperatively with one another, each within his/her own scope of practice. Collaboration is legal in New York State.

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Last Updated: May 21, 2012