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Licensure Transfer by Endorsement (Reciprocity)*

*California licensees who have not passed NAPLEX, Canadian licensees, and graduates of foreign pharmacy programs should contact the NYS Board of Pharmacy (see above) for further information regarding endorsement.

Who is eligible to transfer their pharmacist license from another state?

Individuals licensed in another state applying for licensure in New York State must:

  • Have one year of experience practicing as a pharmacist (see Item #2 below); and
  • Have never failed a NYS administered exam.

What is the process to transfer a pharmacist license from another state?

The application process consists of the following steps in this order:

  1. Complete a NYS Form 1 - Application for Licensure and First Registration. The completed application and accompanying $339 fee should be sent to the address on the bottom of page 4 of the application.

    If applicant is a foreign graduate, also complete Section 1 of Form 2 - Certification of Professional Education and forward it to the appropriate academic institution. Applicant's school must complete Section 2 and return the form, along with transcripts, to the address on the bottom of page 3 of the application.

  2. Applicant's employer must provide written verification of one full year of applicant's licensed practice as a pharmacist. 'One full year' means a total of at least 2080 hours in the 5 years immediately preceding the date of application with no more than 40 hours being counted in any given week. This letter must:

    1. Be on company letterhead;
    2. Contain the start and end dates of applicant's employment; (If applicant is still employed at the time of the writing of the letter, the letter must contain a statement to that effect.)
    3. State the number of hours the applicant worked per week; and
    4. Contain a statement attesting to the fact that the applicant was employed as a licensed pharmacist.

    This verification must be mailed or faxed by the employer to the address/fax number below.

  3. Applicant must also complete the NABP Preliminary Application for Transfer of Pharmacist Licensure and submit it to NABP with the appropriate fee. This application form can be obtained by clicking here or by calling NABP at 847-391-4406.
  4. NABP will send the applicant an Official Application with instructions. Complete NABP's Official Application and mail to the address below. Note: If the instructions from NABP indicate that you must pay a licensure fee of $339 and you have already submitted the fee with your Form 1 (see step #1), you do not have to pay an additional $339 fee.
  5. Upon approval of the above-referenced application materials, applicant will receive a letter from the NYS Board of Pharmacy allowing them to apply to NABP to take the MPJE (Part II) exam.
  6. Complete the MPJE application found at External Link Icon and submit it to NABP with the appropriate fee.
  7. Applicant will then receive an Authorization to Test (ATT) code from NABP.

    If you need additional information or assistance, contact:

    NYS Board of Pharmacy
    89 Washington Avenue
    2nd Floor, West Wing
    Albany, NY 12234-1000
    Telephone 518-474-3817 ext. 130
    Fax: 518-473-6995

What should I study to prepare for the MPJE for New York State?

Helpful information and links to applicable laws and regulations can be found in our study guide.

Last Updated: April 9, 2014