Nuclear Pharmacist Certification

As required in Commissioner's Regulation ยง63.6(b)(6), a NYS licensed and registered pharmacist seeking certification to handle and dispense radioactive drugs, in addition to meeting the minimal standards of training and experience required by 10 NYCRR Part 16 or by 12 NYCRR Part 38 for the use of radioactive materials, must also provide evidence to the Pharmacy Board of either of the following:

  1. certification as a Nuclear Pharmacist by the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties of the American Pharmaceutical Association; or
  2. completion of a minimum of 200 contact hours of didactic instruction in nuclear pharmacy in an accredited school or college of pharmacy, and a minimum of 500 hours of clinical nuclear pharmacy training under the supervision of a Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties certified nuclear pharmacist in a pharmacy providing nuclear pharmacy services, in a certified nuclear pharmacy residency program or in a nuclear pharmacy training program in an accredited school or college of pharmacy or the equivalent thereof as determined by the department.


The form for applying for this certification is available here (PDF 23 KB).

Last Updated: November 29, 2016