Administration of Immunizations

A pharmacist who is certified by the State Education Department (SED) to administer immunizations is authorized to administer immunizing agents to prevent seasonal influenza to patients 2 years of age or older, and to administer immunizing agents to prevent pneumococcal disease, meningococcal disease, acute herpes zoster (shingles), tetanus, diphtheria or pertussis disease to patients 18 years of age or older. Administration of immunizations may be pursuant to either a patient specific order or a non-patient specific order.

Pharmacist Immunization Certification Application Requirements

Pharmacists seeking to administer immunizing agents must obtain a separate certification from SED. To become certified, a pharmacist must:

  • be currently licensed and registered in New York State;
  • submit a completed Pharmacist Immunization Certification Form with the application fee to SED;
  • provide evidence that he/she has completed an approved immunization course within the past three years; and
  • provide evidence he/she is currently certified in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) or Basic Life Support (BLS). “On-line” or “virtual” courses will not be accepted.

Do not submit original certificates. Please submit copies only.

Note: If your approved immunization course was completed more than 3 years ago, and you have been actively immunizing in another jurisdiction, you must submit a signed statement to SED that includes the following information: a statement that you have been actively administering immunizations; the name of state where you have been actively immunizing; and the time period during which you have been actively immunizing in that state.


The form for applying for this certification is available here ( PDF 23 KB).

  • Do not submit original immunization certificates. Please submit copies only.
  • If submitting a CPR or BLS card, please remember to sign the back of your card.

Additional Information

Last Updated: December 27, 2018