Frequently Asked Questions

Pharmacy Personnel and Required References in the Pharmacy

  1. What changes have been made concerning the professional reference books that pharmacies are required to have?

    Answer: Pharmacies are no longer required to have one specific reference book, the United States Pharmacopoeia Dispensing Information. However, pharmacies must have copies of current laws, rules and regulations governing the practice of pharmacy in New York. Pharmacists must also have ready access to current references such as books, CD-ROM or other online resources.

  2. Has the ratio of unlicensed assistants to pharmacists been changed?

    Answer: YES. Effective with the implementation of these regulations, pharmacists may now have the assistance of two unlicensed assistants at one time (Part 29.7(a)(22) Rules of the Board of Regents). However, the responsibility of dispensing rests with the pharmacist. The pharmacist must check all prescriptions filled by an unlicensed assistant before they are dispensed.

  3. Do registered pharmacy interns count in the ratio?

    Answer: NO. Registered pharmacy interns may practice as pharmacists under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist.

  4. Has there been a change in what functions an unlicensed person may perform in a pharmacy?

    Answer: YES. Unlicensed persons may now key data into computer files. However, the pharmacist must verify all of the information prior to dispensing of a prescription by entering his or her initials or other personal identifier. The record of the dispensing must clearly identify the dispensing pharmacist. The responsibility of dispensing rests with the pharmacist.

Last Updated: November 16, 2009