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Information and Instructions for Obtaining an Initial Pharmacy Registration

Section 6808 of the Education Law provides that no establishment shall operate as a pharmacy unless that establishment is registered by the New York State Education Department.

Procedures for Registering | Applications Requiring Special Processing | Completion of Required Forms and Supplimentary Information | The Application Form (PH-200) | The Pharmacy Information Form (PH-210)

Procedure for Registering

  1. Complete the Application Form (PH-200 PDF 30 KB) and the Pharmacy Information Form (PH-210 PDF 33 KB). All answers must be typed or printed neatly. Respond to all applicable items on each form.
  2. Submit the forms, and the supporting documentation indicated on Form PH-208 ( PDF 48 KB), and a check or money order of $345 make payable to the New York State Education Department. Failure to submit all information will result in your application being returned.
  3. The Pharmacy Board Office staff will review the forms and information submitted. An evaluation will be made regarding the meeting of the requirements for registration. If there are questions, someone will contact the applicant by mail.
  4. After the application passes review, the Pharmacy Board staff will send the application to the Office of Professional Discipline with a request to conduct an on-site inspection. The applicant will be notified by letter to contact the regional Office of Professional Discipline (telephone number provided in the letter) to arrange for the on-site inspection.
  5. At the time of inspection, the investigator will verify the information provided in the application materials.
  6. The Office of Professional Discipline (OPD) will send its report to the Board of Pharmacy.
  7. If all required documents have been submitted to the Board Office and the OPD report confirms that all requirements have been met, a registration certificate will be mailed.

Applications Requiring Special Processing

If the pharmacy is to provide specialized services, such as the dispensing of intravenous solutions including chemotherapy or radiopharmaceuticals, the Board may require evidence that the proposed pharmacy will have specialized equipment and personnel trained in the performance of these services.

If it appears necessary, the Board may interview the applicant in order to ensure that the responsibilities associated with the ownership of a pharmacy are fully understood.

The early submission of applications will allow the time necessary for processing. Allow six weeks for routine processing.

Completion of Required Forms and Supplementary Information

The information which follows will serve as a guide in the completion of the forms. It is recommended that the response be printed neatly. Incomplete or illegible forms may be returned for clarification. Should any questions arise, phone or write the Board of Pharmacy.

The Application Form (PH-200 PDF 30 KB):

Name of Establishment: (Name as it will appear on the registration certificate.) Corporate title in case of a corporation. The Board of Pharmacy will not register a trade name.

Address of Establishment: Place where activities covered by this registration are to be conducted. (Note: Home addresses will not be registered.)

Type of Ownership: Check the applicable category.

Trade Name: Only trade names registered with the County Clerk or Secretary of State, and acceptable to the Board of Pharmacy, may be used.

Supervising Pharmacist: The supervising pharmacist is responsible for ensuring that all legal requirements are met in the operating of the pharmacy. The supervising pharmacist shall sign the application for registration on the line provided. A supervising pharmacist shall practice full time at the pharmacy. No pharmacist may be designated the supervisor for more than one pharmacy. Should a change in supervisor occur, the Board must be notified immediately by the owner and the newly designated supervising pharmacist. It is also highly recommended that the former supervising pharmacist notify the Board when resigning. Please see Supervising Pharmacist for further information and forms to report changes.

Ownership: Give full name and residence of owners and officers. If a corporation, include names, titles, residences, and percentage of stock owned by officers and directors. In addition, submit the names and residences of any other principal stockholders, i.e., persons owning 10% or more of stock in the corporation.

The remainder of the application should be self-explanatory. If the application form does not contain enough space for complete answers, attach additional sheets.

The Pharmacy Information Form (PH-210 PDF 33 KB):

The Pharmacy Information Form requires a floor plan of the pharmacy on the reverse side. The plan should be drawn carefully to scale indicating the location of the dispensing area and showing the position of the dispensing counter, stock storage, entrances, refrigerator, sink and bathroom facilities. The compounding and dispensing area must comprise at least 100 square feet of the registered area. The entire area to be registered must cover not less than 300 square feet of contiguous space. The plan should show the relationship of the pharmacy to public thoroughfares and other buildings or offices, with all entrances to the pharmacy clearly marked. If the pharmacy is not on street level, this should be clearly indicated. In the latter case, state how access to the pharmacy is gained on a separate sheet. DO NOT SEND BLUEPRINTS in lieu of the diagram.

If the pharmacy to be registered is a very large one or if the area to be registered as a pharmacy is part of a general merchandising establishment, two diagrams should be submitted, one showing the dispensing area in detail, as indicated above, and the other showing the relationship between the dispensing area and the entire establishment.

The pharmacy information form also includes several questions. All pertinent questions must be answered and the form signed and dated by the proprietor or corporate owner before submission to the Pharmacy Board Office.

Note: Pharmacists are urged to keep copies of all application materials for registration of a pharmacy and these instructions for reference purposes.

The expiration dates of all pharmacy registration certificates vary and are renewable on a triennial basis.

Last Updated: December 14, 2009