Regulations of the Commissioner

From Part 52, Registration of Curricula

Effective, October 21, 2016

§52.47 Licensed Perfusionist.

In addition to meeting all the applicable provisions of this Part, to be registered as a program recognized as leading to licensure as a licensed perfusionist, which meets the requirements of section 79-19.1 of this Title, the program shall:

  1. either:
    1. be a program in perfusion or a substantially equivalent program as determined by the department, which leads to a baccalaureate or higher degree; or
    2. be a credit bearing certificate program in perfusion acceptable to the department which ensures that each student holds a baccalaureate or higher degree;
  2. include course content in each of the following subjects or their equivalent as determined by the department:
    1. heart-lung bypass for patients undergoing heart surgery;
    2. long-term supportive extracorporeal circulation;
    3. monitoring of the patient undergoing extracorporeal circulation;
    4. autotransfusion; and
    5. special applications of the technology related to the practice of perfusion; and
  3. include a supervised clinical experience, which is appropriate to the practice of perfusion, as such practice is defined in subdivision (3) of section 6630 of the Education Law, and incorporates and requires performance of an adequate number and variety of circulation procedures.
Last Updated: October 14, 2016