Project Specific Limited Permits for Professional Engineers

The New York State Education Department can issue a limited permit to qualified individuals seeking to practice engineering solely in connection with a single specified project in accordance with Section 7207 of the Education Law. (See page 2 of application form for text of the law.) Project Specific Limited Permits are only available to engineers who:

  • are legally qualified to practice engineering in his/her own state or country,
  • are not residents of New York State, and
  • do not have an established place of practice in New York State.

A Project Specific Limited Permit is subject to the same registration and revocation restrictions as a license. If your permit exceeds three years in duration, you will need to renew your permit.

Your practice of engineering in New York State under a Limited Permit must be:

  • as an individual, or;
  • as an employee of a business entity authorized to provide professional engineering services in New York State. Your firm must have been issued a Certificate of Authorization from the New York State Education Department. If your firm is not authorized to provide engineering services in New York State, the contract with a New York client must be between you (i.e. the individual licensee), and the client and not the corporate employer and the client.

Last Updated: December 3, 2009