Ophthalmic Dispensing

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Ophthalmic Dispensers 11/10/2022

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Advisory Notice: The next NYS Ophthalmic Dispensing practical examination given by Capitol Hill Testing Service, will be held April 4-5, 2022. The Contact Lens examination will be held during the Fall 2022 examination.

An ophthalmic dispenser - commonly called an "optician" - is a licensed health care professional who adapts and fits lenses to correct deficiencies, deformities, or abnormalities of the eyes based on a written prescription from a licensed physician or optometrist. Contact lens practitioners are ophthalmic dispensers who are certified to fit contact lenses. Ophthalmic dispensers and certified contact lens practitioners work to:

  • achieve the best visual clarity possible for their customers;
  • assist in the selection of frames; and
  • choose appropriate ophthalmic lenses or contact lenses to suit your needs.

Ophthalmic dispensers perform the following services:

  • determine what lenses will best fit a prescription
  • select lenses to suit the customer's visual needs and lifestyle
  • instruct in the proper care of glasses
  • participate in customer education

Certified contact lens practitioners do all of these things as well as fit contact lenses.

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Last Updated: November 21, 2022