Practice Information

Placement of Intraosseous Access Devices for Initiation of Fluid and Medication Administration

A Registered Professional Nurse may place an intraosseous device and initiate the administration of medication and fluids by the intraosseous route in the Emergency Room or ICU of an Article 28 facility under the following circumstances:

  • The hospital has specific policies and procedures related to the administration of medication and fluids by this route.
  • The RN has successfully completed didactic coursework in the methods and proper placement of the intraosseous access device(s) including contraindications and signs and symptoms of untoward effects of the procedure.
  • The RN has successfully completed a series of demonstrations in the procedure under supervision and has been evaluated to be competent in its performance.
  • Competency evaluation must be documented annually in the RN's personnel file.
  • The RN is credentialed by the hospital to carry out this procedure.
  • There is a patient specific order from an authorized provider for the intraosseous route.
Last Updated: January 31, 2013