Regulations of the Commissioner

Section 52.34, Creative Arts Therapy

ยง52.34. Creative Arts Therapy.

In addition to meeting all applicable provisions of this Part, to be registered as a program recognized as leading to licensure in creative arts therapy, which meets the requirements of section 79-11.1 of this Title, the program shall:

  1. be a master's or doctoral degree program in creative arts therapy, which includes at least 48 semester hours, or the equivalent, of study;
  2. contain curricular content that includes but is not limited to each of the following content areas:
    1. preparation in one or more of the creative arts therapies, including but not limited to art, music, dance, drama, psychodrama, or poetry therapies, for the practice of creative arts therapy as defined in section 8404(1) of the Education Law;
    2. human growth and development;
    3. theories in creative arts therapy;
    4. group dynamics;
    5. assessment and appraisal of individuals and groups;
    6. research and program evaluation;
    7. professional orientation and ethics;
    8. foundations of creative arts therapy and psychopathology; and
    9. clinical instruction; and
  3. include a supervised internship or supervised practicum in the practice of creative arts therapy of at least 500 clock hours.
Last Updated: June 25, 2009