Regulations of the Commissioner

Section 52.33, Marriage and Family Therapy

ยง52.33, Marriage and Family Therapy.

In addition to meeting all applicable provisions of this Part, to be registered as a program recognized as leading to licensure in marriage and family therapy, which meets the requirements of section 79-10.1 of this Title, the program shall:

  1. be a program in marriage and family therapy leading to a master's or doctoral degree, which includes at least 45 semester hours, or the equivalent, of study;
  2. contain curricular content that includes but is not limited to each of the following content areas:
    1. the study of human development, including individual, child and family development, at least three semester hours;
    2. marriage and family therapy clinical knowledge, including but not limited to psychopathology, at least twelve semester hours;
    3. marriage and family therapy theoretical knowledge, at least six semester hours;
    4. family law;
    5. research, at least three semester hours; and
    6. professional ethics, at least three semester hours; and
  3. include a supervised practicum in marriage and family therapy of at least 300 client contact hours.
Last Updated: June 25, 2009