Medical Physics

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Profession Currently Reviewing Items Received
Diagnostic Radiologic Physicists 1/7/2020
Medical Health Physicists 1/7/2020
Medical Nuclear Physicists 1/7/2020
Therapeutic Radiological Physicists 1/7/2020

A medical physicist is a person who applies the principles of physics to direct, contain, and control radiation used for medical purposes. Some of the responsibilities of medical physicists are: protecting patients and others from unsafe and unnecessary exposure to radiation; obtaining high quality images; and delivering the proper dose of radiation to the specified area.

Some of the functions of a medical physicist are: calculating patient dosage; analyzing and interpreting measurements associated with inspecting, testing, and calibrating equipment; overseeing proper disposal of radioactive waste, and designing the shielding needed around radiation sources

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Last Updated: January 16, 2020