Due to the volume and complexity of review, Geology applications typically take at least 12 weeks to process after all documentation has been submitted. Applications with education from outside the U.S. and applications that do not contain sufficient detail usually require a lengthier review process. After you have had all of your documentation submitted, please allow at least 6 weeks before submitting a Contact Us Form to verify your application is complete. We cannot provide the status of a licensure application by phone. We thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Advisory Notice: For the latest information on COVID-19 issues impacting the licensed professions, including professional exam updates, please visit OP’s COVID-19 website.

Advisory Notice

Regulatory Amendments approved and Effective January 1, 2022

The New York State Board of Regents approved regulatory amendments in engineering, land surveying and geology that are effective January 1, 2022. These regulatory amendments offer greater flexibility by updating and modernizing the continuing education requirements for professional engineers and land surveyors while implementing continuing education requirements for professional geologists. For a detailed view of the regulatory amendments, see the Regulations of the Commissioner on our website at

Below is a summary of the major regulatory changes:

  • The continuing education requirements may be completed via courses of learning or in live classes as determined by the licensee, provided that the continuing education is completed through a Department-approved sponsor and is in an acceptable subject area
  • Professional engineers, land surveyors and professional geologists may now complete their continuing education in additional subject areas, including architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design.
  • Six hours of "carry over" credit may now be used from one registration period to another, within certain parameters.
  • Any licensed professional geologist whose first registration date following January 1, 2022 occurs less than three years from that date, but on or after January 1, 2023, shall complete continuing education hours on a prorated basis at the rate of one hour of acceptable continuing education per month for the period beginning January 1, 2022 up to the first registration date thereafter. Such continuing education shall be completed during the period beginning January 1, 2023 and ending before the first day of the new registration period or at the option of the licensee during any time in the previous registration period.
  • Professional geologists have been added to the provisions relating to conduct that is not considered unprofessional conduct in the design professions. This was inadvertently omitted from the Regents Rules when geology became a licensed profession in 2016.
Eligibility for the ASBOG Fundamentals of Geology (FG) and Principles and Practice of Geology (PG) examinations.

SED Application forms and instructions on how to apply for the ASBOG Fundamentals of Geology (FG) and/or Practice of Geology (PG) examinations are available on our website here.

The National Association of State Boards for Geology (ASBOG), with administration by Prometric, provides examinations twice each year generally on the 3rd Friday in March and the 3rd Friday in October. See ASBOG examination schedule here. Beginning with the March 17, 2023 examinations, ASBOG will use a Computer Based Testing (CBT) system at proctored testing sites (administered by Prometric).

When your application is approved, you will be notified via email by the SED Board Office. This initial notification will be followed by an admission email from ASBOG/Prometric. At that time, you will have opportunity to select your preferred examination testing center.

More information on the ASBOG CBT may be found at their website at

Additional guidance related to registration and examination preparation can be found in the ASBOG Candidate Handbook at their website at

New York State Professional Geology Licensure through Endorsement.

Information on applying for licensure through the endorsement process when the applicant is licensed in another jurisdiction and has completed both the National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG) Fundamentals of Geology and Practice of Geology licensure examinations may be found on our website here.

New York State Institutions/Schools - ONLY

For information and related forms for those New York State institutions/schools that wish to register their professional geology educational programs with the New York State Education Department as a licensure qualifying program, please see the following section on the New York State Institutions/Schools Registration.
Last Updated: November 18, 2022