Athletic Training

Athletic training is the application of the principles and procedures for managing athletic injuries. This includes preconditioning, conditioning, and reconditioning activities.

Athletic trainers work under the supervision of licensed physicians to provide services to individuals who have suffered athletic injuries. A professional athletic trainer working.

Certified athletic trainers manage athletic injuries and illnesses such as sprains, strains, contusions, and postsurgical reconditioning. Athletic trainers:

  • identify factors that may contribute to athletic injury and eliminate them before an injury occurs
  • conduct preparticipation screenings
  • develop appropriate fitness and training programs
  • apply protective or injury preventative devices, such as tape, bandages, or braces

At athletic events, athletic trainers provide emergency care and first aid to individuals who have sustained an athletic injury, evaluate athletic injuries, and make referrals to appropriate medical personnel.

Through individual consultation and lectures, certified athletic trainers also instruct coaches, athletes, parents, medical personnel, and communities in the care and prevention of athletic injuries.

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Last Updated: May 10, 2011