Practice Guidelines

Disclaimer: Practice guidelines provide licensees with general guidance to promote good practice. Law, rules and regulations, not guidelines, specify the requirements for practice and what may constitute professional misconduct.

C. Client

1. Representation of Qualifications and Experience

An architect, partnership, joint venture, professional service corporation or grandfathered business corporation offering architectural services should not mislead a client or the general public or misrepresent their competence or qualifications [Regents Rules Section 29.1(b)(12)].

An architect who has been an employee of an architectural firm should not claim unconditional credit for projects contracted for in the name of the previous employer. To avoid misrepresentation of facts, the architect might:

  • identify the project,
  • the nature and extent of the involvement and experience gained in connection with the project, and
  • that the experience was acquired as an employee of another firm which should be identified.

An architect, who was formerly a principal in a firm, may make additional claims provided they are accurately documented and explained. Similarly when a principal or architect leaves a firm, that firm has an obligation to accurately represent the experiences and capabilities of the remaining staff only.

Projects listed as "credits" which remain unconstructed, should be identified as "unbuilt" or given a similar designation.

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Last Updated: April 15, 2021