Regulations of the Commissioner

From Part 52, Registration of Curricula

§52.45 Behavior analyst assistant.

In addition to meeting all the applicable provisions of this Part, to be registered as a program recognized as leading to certification as a certified behavior analyst assistant, which meets the requirements of Subpart 79-18 of this Title, the program shall:

  1. either:
    1. be a program in applied behavior analysis leading to a bachelor’s or higher degree; or
    2. be a program in applied behavior analysis leading to a certificate which ensures that each student holds a bachelor’s or higher degree in subject areas, including, but not limited to, psychology, education or other subject areas that address learning and behavioral change as determined by the department;
  2. course content including, but not limited to, each of the following subjects or their equivalent as determined by the department:
    1. autism, autism spectrum disorders and related disorders;
    2. concepts and principles of behavior;
    3. functional behavioral assessment, functional analysis, and direct observation;
    4. design and implementation of behavioral interventions, including, but not limited to:
      1. environmental modification plans based on behavioral stimuli and consequences; and
      2. maintenance and generalization of behavior;
    5. understanding of assessment and measurement tools;
    6. research methodology, including, but not limited to, experimental design;
    7. scientific and professional ethics and standards of practice;
    8. maintenance of client records; and
    9. issues of cultural and ethnic diversity; and
  3. include practical supervised experience of a minimum of 100 clock hours, which is appropriate to the practice of applied behavior analysis, as such practice is defined in section 8802 of the Education Law.
Last Updated: June 16, 2015