A complete overview of the Professional Discipline process is available on the Office of the Professions (OP) Web site. The summaries contained on this Web site reflect Regents actions resulting from investigation of a complaint of professional misconduct resolved through one of the following processes:

  • Hearing panel convened, if necessary.
  • A consent agreement reached between a licensee, the OP, and endorsed by a member of the relevant State professional boards.
  • A direct referral of disciplinary actions taken by other agencies as well as referrals of convictions of crimes.
  • Review by the Regents Review Committee.
  • Final Regents action resulting in a vote and order.

The reports contained as part of this Web site represent summaries of those final Regents actions where a disciplinary measure has been imposed on the licensee. Disciplinary actions which result in a dismissal are not posted on this Web site.

The summaries on this Web site reflect a limited period of time. The lack of a disciplinary summary for a particular licensed professional does not mean that the licensee has never been the subject of professional discipline. To find out whether a particular licensee has been the subject of any Regents action, you may call our automated phone line (518) 474-3817 to make a request.

Summary information on recent decisions are prepared approximately thirty days following each meeting of the State Board of Regents which results in disciplinary action. Therefore, some licensees may be subject to discipline, but the summary is not yet available.

The Regents actions reported here do not reflect any information with respect to judicial action taken which may have changed or modified the Regents' decision. You are advised not to take any action based on information contained herein without verifying whether the Regents decision has been modified by a court of law.

The original Regents vote and orders, which can be obtained by writing to the address below, are the only materials that reflect with one hundred percent accuracy the action taken by the Regents.

The information here is not intended as a substitute for the votes and orders generated by the Board of Regents rather, it is simply a means to convey a brief summary of certain disciplinary actions taken by the Regents.

A full copy of the releasable Regents action material is available by making a written request, including name, profession and license number, to:

New York State Education Department
Office of the Professions
Division of Professional Licensing Services
State Education Building - 2nd floor
89 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12234

Last Updated: October 14, 2009
October 14, 2009