Foreign Professional Corporation Checklist

All shareholders, officers and/or directors of a Foreign Professional Service Corporation practicing one of the health care professions must be licensed in both states.

You must submit the following documents to our office to obtain a "Certificate of Authority" so you can file with the Department of State:

  • Application for Authority under Section 1530. Corporate indicator of P.C. must be added if not used in original state. P.C. is added to the second line of the first paragraph.

  • Certificate of Incorporation/Certificates of Amendment filed in original jurisdiction to open a professional corporation, including verification of purpose.

    *Please note that an entity will not be listed on the New York State Education Department Website until the certified copy is received.

  • Affidavit (signed by President of corporation) listing all current shareholders, officers, and directors, signed under penalties of perjury.

  • Satisfactory evidence of licensure in original jurisdiction for all shareholders/officers/directors. This can be verification from the licensing authority website or a copy of their license or registration.

  • Proof of licensure and current registration in New York for at least one of the shareholders, officers and/or directors.

  • Certificate of Assumed Name, if needed. (This would be used to add a profession to title of corporation or bring the title into compliance with New York State requirements.)

    Note: Fictitious names are only used if the original name is not available in New York State. If a fictitious name must be used due to a name conflict identified by the Department of State, no Certificate of Assumed is required.

  • Check for the fee of $50, made payable to the New York State Education Department.

Please also review our Tips to Avoid Unnecessary Processing Delays.

Our address is:

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Telephone: 518-474-3817 Ext. 400
Last Updated: January 2, 2020