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Students in the health professions prepare for careers that promote health and wellness through planning, managing, and providing therapeutic and/or diagnostic services. Many health professionals work directly with patients to provide care and treatment. Other health professionals work behind-the-scenes with no direct patient contact; these professionals specialize in performing tests to help detect, diagnose, and treat diseases and injuries.

See also: Behavioral Health and Social Science Professions

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Athletic Training

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Clinical Laboratory Technology

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Massage Therapy

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Medical Physics

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Occupational Therapy

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Ophthalmic Dispensing

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Pathologists' Assistant

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Physical Therapy

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Polysomnographic Technology

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Respiratory Therapy

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Speech-Language Pathology

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Veterinary Medicine


Explore the Behavioral Health and Social Science Professions

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Students in the behavioral health and social science professions prepare for careers in counseling, mental health, and family and community services. Professionals in these fields assist individuals, families, and groups who may be dealing with mental or physical illness, substance and physical abuse, stress, problems with family relationships, and other personal issues. Care is provided in hospitals and clinics, schools, and community and private settings.

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Applied Behavior Analysis

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Mental Health Practitioners

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Social Work


Explore the Business Professions

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Students in the licensed business fields prepare for careers that involve planning, organizing, evaluating, and documenting business and administrative operations. These professionals may evaluate organizations by compiling, evaluating, and attesting to the accuracy and completeness of financial records and operations. Other professionals in this field specialize in documenting proceedings to create records and make them accessible.

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Certified Shorthand Reporting

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Public Accountancy


Explore the Design and STEM Professions

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Students in these fields prepare for careers in designing and planning the built environment (including buildings, other structures, and land), scientific research, and other technical services. Professionals in these fields apply concepts from math and science in a real work context to build systems, structures, and our understanding of the physical world.

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Interior Design

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Land Surveying

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Landscape Architecture

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