Paths to the Professions: Careers in the Licensed Professions

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Paths to the Professions features over 50 professions that are the responsibility of the New York State Education Department's Office of the Professions.

These are the learned professions that support:
  • our physical and mental health

  • the safety and integrity of our buildings, bridges, and other features of the built environment;

  • the accuracy of financial and court records, and much more.

Earning a professional license takes hard work and dedication, but the personal and professional rewards are great. New York’s licensed professionals make a difference!

Other Professions and Occupations:

  • Teacher certification: visit the Pathways to Certification page maintained by the Department's Office of Higher Education.

  • Visit the State Department of Labor for a comprehensive list of all State-licensed occupations.

Interested? Explore New York’s licensed professions!

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Take the interest profiler at My Next Move to measure your preferences in 6 interest areas. Use your results to explore this chart and find the licensed profession that best fits your personality profile and desired education level.

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Last Updated: May 10, 2022