Meeting Agenda

New York State Board for Medicine

NYS Education Department
1411 Broadway, NYS
10th floor

Teleconference sites: Buffalo, Albany

Monday December 13, 2019. 9:00 a.m.

Welcome/Introductions—Dr. Epstein

Approval of Minutes: September 20 Medical Board Meeting (attachment)

Chair’s Report—Dr. Epstein

Report from the Advisory Committee on Clinical Clerkships—Dr. Epstein

International Medical Graduate Workgroup Report—Stephen Boese

Nominations and Election for Leadership Positions—Chair, Vice Chair(s), FSMB Liaison

Executive Secretary’s Report

  • Update from the Office of the Professions

NYS Policy Updates

  • Chapter 360—Relates to the performance of a pelvic examination on an anesthetized or unconscious person.
  • Chapter 426—Relates to the transfer of patient medical records upon the closure of a health care provider's office.
  • Chapter 517—Relates to the instilling of mydriatic or cycloplegic eye drops by persons qualified and supervised by a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist.
  • Action Pending—A3918/S1813, Relates to the dispensing of partially filled prescriptions.
  • Action Pending—A4988/S3352, Relates to informed consent for procedures in the course of education or training
  • Veto 135—Provides exemptions from certain requirements for electronic prescriptions for oral prescriptions issued to patients in health care facilities.
  • Proposed Regulation, NYSED—Permit Physicians Licensed in Another State or Territory to Provide Medical Services to Athletes and Team Personnel in New York
  • Proposed Regulation, NYSDOH—Hospital medical Staff – Limited Permit Holders
  • Recent Presentation to the Council on Graduate Medical Education concerning the NYSDOH regulations and the Clinical Clerkship “12 week rule.” –Dr. Berger (tentative)

Report from the Medical Physics Committee— (no meeting this quarter)
Report from the Athletic Training Committee—Dr. Schwartzman
Report from the Perfusion Committee— (no meeting this quarter)
Pathologists’ Assistant Committee— (no meeting this quarter)

Other Issues

Next Meeting dates- March 6, 2020, June 19, 2020, September 18, 2020

Last Updated: December 11, 2019