Meeting Agenda

New York State Board for Dentistry

Full Board Meeting

Turning Stone Resort, Willow Room in the Tower

Verona, New York

Friday, June 12, 2015 - 9:00 A.M.


  • Executive Session  - Discipline
  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Report of the Chairperson
  • Report of the Vice Chairperson
  • Report of the Executive Secretary
  • Approval of Minutes from January 30, 2015 Meeting
  • Committee Reports
    • Anesthesia Committee Report (Dr. S. Cho, Chair)
    • Bylaws Report (Dr. S. Cho, Chair)
    • Committee on Allowable Procedures Chart (Dr. Robertson, Chair)
    • Collaborative Practice Committee (Dr. Jackson for Ms. M. DeFeo, Chair)
    • Committee on the Corporate Practice (Dr. Speicher, Chair)
    • Strategic Vision Commission (Dr. Jackson for Ms. Haynes, Chair)
    • Committee on Alternate Paths to Licensure (Dr. B. Seidberg, Chair)
    • Dental Assistant Laws, Rules & Regulations (Ms. Karen Comisi, Chair)
    • Ad hoc Committee on the Reference Manual (Ms. Karen Comisi, Chair)
    • Dental License Health Project (Dr. Jackson, Chair)
  • Old Business
    • Practical Review of Dental Regulations
    • CDCA (NERB) Meeting & Resolution for CDCA Steering Committee - Dr. Seidberg
  • New Business
    • AADB April Meeting - Dr. Seidberg
    • Board Discussion of Issues of Concern for the Board for Dentistry
      • House of Delegates Resolutions
    • Appointment of Nominations Committee
    • Greater NY Meeting
  • Future Meeting Date
  • Adjourn
Last Updated: December 2, 2015