Meeting Agenda

State Board for Social Work

NYS Education Department
Office of the Professions
State Education Building
89 Washington Avenue - Room 201
Albany, NY

Friday, June 11, 2010 ยท 10:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

  1. Welcome and Review of Agenda
  2. Review of Minutes February 24, 2010 State Board Meeting
  3. Executive Secretary Report
    1. Governor's proposed budget State Fiscal Year 2010-2011
    2. Update on restoring the Office of the Professions (waivers and furloughs)
    3. SOMOS 23rd Annual Spring Conference—Roundtable on Veterans Mental Health
    4. Proposed regulations for the mental health professions
    5. Clinical social work experience at license-qualifying psychoanalysis programs
  4. Emergency Amendment to Part 74 of Commissioner's Regulations for LMSW and LCSW
    1. Section 74.3: Experience requirements for licensure as LCSW
    2. Section 74.4: Limited permits for LMSW and LCSW applicants
    3. Section 74.5: Insurance reimbursement for qualified LCSW
    4. Section 74.6: Supervised practice of clinical social work by an LMSW
    5. Section 74.7: Supervised practice of licensed master social work by BSW
    6. Section 74.9: Endorsement of certain LCSW applicants (new)
  5. Corporate Practice of the Professions and Departmental Legislation
    1. Legislation passed in Assembly (A8897-A) and Senate (S5921-A)
    2. Update on issues and recommendations for further action
    3. Next steps for implementation and acceptable experience for licensure
  6. Guidance on LMSW and LCSW Practice and Related Questions
    1. Discussion of practice scenarios submitted to clarify practice
    2. Clarification of casework in local social service districts
    3. Proposed definitions and work sheet to clarify LMSW and LCSW practice
    4. Online education for professional licensing (March 2010 Regents Discussion)
  7. Association of Social Work Boards Examinations for Licensure
    1. Performance by graduates of New York registered programs (2001-2009)
    2. ASWB practice analysis, examination blueprints and examination KSAs
    3. Alternatives to examination in Texas & Minnesota
  8. Other Business and Adjournment
    1. Next meeting of the State Board:  October 28, 2010 in Albany (10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.)
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