Meeting Agenda

New York State Board for Medicine

Video Conference sites in:
Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, New York City

Friday March 1, 2019. 9:30 a.m.

Welcome/Introductions—Dr. Epstein

Approval of Minutes: December 7, 2018 Medical Board Meeting (attachment)

Chair’s Report—Dr. Epstein

  • Opioid Prescribing past three months (attachment)

Report from the Advisory Committee on Clinical Clerkships—Dr. Epstein

International Medical Graduate Workgroup Report—Stephen Boese

Executive Secretary’s Report

  • Update from Office of the Professions
  • Newborn screening-review of proposed regulations implementing Chapter 366 of the laws of 2018 (attachment)
  • Out-of-state physician exemption-review of proposed regulations implementing Chapter 519 of the Laws of 2018 (attachment)
  • Review of Chapter 1, Laws of 2019-the Reproductive Health Act (attachment)
  • Current legislation- a318/s2888 -informing patients of C-Section risks (attachment)

Review of upcoming FSMB meeting agenda (attachment)—Dr. Shelat

Review of FSMB Report on Social Media and Electronic Communications (attached)

Unlicensed Medical Assistants Update—Carla Wells

Report from the Medical Physics Committee—Dr. Autz

Report from the Athletic Training Committee—Dr. Schwartzman

Report from the Perfusion Committee—Dr. Salemi

Pathologists’ Assistant Committee--no meetings this quarter

Other Issues?

Next Meeting dates- 3/1/19, 6/21/19, 9/20/19

Last Updated: February 27, 2019